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Pahrump Wellness Center

Pahrumps Premier Health & Wellness Center

Pahrump Wellness Center (previously known as Back to Roots)
Justin Curnutt
2341 E. Postal Dr.
Ste. B
Pahrump, NV 89048
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
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Why Choose Pahrump Wellness Center

We recognize that when it comes to alternative health and natural healing information can be confusing. Our qualified staff will provide customized health education and knowledge based on science. We have an incredible range of expertise in various modalities of healing. We empower each individual to understand why they might choose to supplement with vitamins and herbs rather than be dependent on the "Western Method" of healing. We customize your health journey to help you achieve all of your many health goals.

We LOVE Pahrump!

How Can We Help You

The owner, Justin Curnutt is a medical professional with his doctorate degree in pharmacy. He has helped many people obtain their long overdue health goals. He is kind and compassionate and wants to help everyone take a more natural approach at health and healing.  Justin has dedicated his life toward healthy living, healthy choices, and natural remedies. He has advanced experience in both Western Medicine, as well as, many natural methods.  Justin offers top notch concierge health coaching services ranging from a one hour 1-on-1 sessions to a "Thriving Body in 6 week" coaching program. Prices vary so call today to book your life changing results!

What Products are we Most Excited About?

Topical Magnesium Transdermal Oil: Approximately 85% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium is critical for over 300 processes in our body. It is crucial for normal stress levels, bone health, chronic pain, fatigue, & insomnia to name a few.


CBD Oil/ Hemp Oil: Cannabidiol Oil is the active medicinal component in cannibis that makes it very beneficial. Science is showing medical benefits for nerve pain, anxiety, nausea & vomiting, stress, chronic pain, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial,  anti-tumor, and so much more. Come learn about this incredible substance twice a month in our CBD classes and purchase this product today without  spending money on a marijuana card or other  expenses of using medical marijuana. Come purchase our hemp based CBD product for better health today!


Bone Broth Protein: Bone broth is made by leaching the bone marrow from bones. It is packed full of amino acids, enzymes, and so much more. It is incredible at stabilizing cravings and help you gain control of your appetite so you can lose weight. It is also an incredible source of protein for those that need to gain weight without feeling heavy. This is amazing for those who need to restore a balance.


Essential Oils: We carry high grade oils and are diligently following the emerging science of how Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils work at a cellular level. and we teach classes on how to use oils appropriately in all stages of life including techniques for blending.  We sell what  John's Hopkins University, and Vanderbilt University  have come to know as the best oils available on the market.


Raw Bulk Herbs: Bulk herbs & teas are the basis for how people have stayed healthy throughout the ages. We carry a wide variety of herbs for home remedies & preparations. 

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Owner Justin Curnutt, Pharm.D.