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Pahrump Chamber Meets the Challenge of a Growing Rural Community

Pahrump Chamber Meets the Challenge of a Growing Rural Community

The Chamber goal is to help local businesses anyway they can

Pahrump Chamber Meets the Challenge of a Growing Rural Community

The Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce says now is the time to make changes in order to meet the challenges of a growing rural community. In a world of increased globalization and the expansion of the giant corporations with far-reaching goals, the rural communities need to take action to remain relevant.  In this day and age of the Internet and digital communications, it’s time for towns like Pahrump to leverage targeted traffic to help promote the local businesses and organizations.

According to Chris Erwin, CEO of the Pahrump Chamber, other forms of advertising create an audience and then sell to it. In the case of the Internet, the audience already exists, and it’s up to the local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to address their audience. Through digital means, they can focus on local and regional traffic. The Chamber is addressing this need by offering to help educate local businesses and provide tools to make this happen. As part of a Chamber membership, businesses have the opportunity to make use of a digital format by participating in It’s a value proposition the Chamber offers today to each member.

Where the Chamber Was?

To illustrate this gradual change taking place in the environment, take a look at the changes over the last three years. The Chamber used to host three meetings a month which offered lunch with an educational talk or seminars by members. There were usually 10 -20 participants.

The activities the Chamber was involved in during this time frame included:

  • The Balloon Festival
  • Biz Expo
  • Liberty Festival
  • Fall Festival
  • Pahrump Magazine

Where the Chamber is Now?

At the current time, the Chamber has stepped up its game. They now hold one meeting a month where they discuss the current status of the Chamber and its members, and the opportunities in which the Chamber can help the businesses.

They are averaging 30 – 40 attendees. They’re also involved in the following activities:

  • Balloon Festival
  • Fall Festival including managing the rodeo activities and Mega trucks
  • Biz Expo which has expanded to include home needs as well
  • Pahrump Magazine
  • Pahrump Awards voted on by the residents of the town through the Chamber website
  • Valley Wide Yard Sale with maps of those participants available on the website
  • biz available to members for advertising, promotions, coupons, and schedules of events all online

With the addition of, the Chamber offers value by sending consumers to the members through campaigns, promotions, coupon availability, event announcements, and other forms of communications. Social media has become a routine part of conveying information to the audience.

The goal is to keep the consumers informed on what the businesses of Pahrump are doing and encourage patrons to participate. The technology is available now to highlight and help retail and high-volume establishments get the word out.

Both high and low volume companies can take advantage of job boards, coupons, promotions and the like, all included in the price of a membership. They can also make valuable connections at Chamber networking events in addition to the company promotional opportunities.

Where is the Chamber Going?

In 2019, the Chamber will again be upping its game. They will be hosting two networking events per month including:

  • Power Hours
  • Luncheons
  • Seminar by Members
  • Member Mixers

They anticipate 30-40 attendees at these events where members can make connections and learn how the different businesses can work together and with the Chamber to the benefit of all.

They will be expanding their activity schedule to include:

  • Balloon Festival
  • Fall Festival
  • Biz & Home Expo
  • Pahrump Magazine including a visitor’s guide
  • Pahrump Awards
  • Valley Wide Yard Sale
  • biz
  • Shop Local Expo
  • Taste of Pahrump
  • Golf League
  • Miss Pahrump
  • Christmas Shopping Campaign
  • Valentine’s Day Campaign
  • Mother’s Day Campaign
  • Father’s Day Campaign
  • Patrick’s Day Campaign
  • Easter Campaign
  • New Year’s Campaign
  • Small Business Campaign

The Holiday Campaigns will include promotional activities such as advertising specials with tent cards in restaurants and other local business locations, as well as promotions on and social media.

The Chamber’s Goal

The Chamber’s job is to help local businesses however it can. With the onslaught of online shopping and quick delivery by large corporations, whether it’s by trucks or drones, the small businesses are challenged to keep residents shopping in town. The Chamber’s goal is to help them do that and to promote shopping local. Each company will have different needs to make that happen. The Chamber needs to remain flexible to help all members reach their goals and continue to support the community.

One of the main goals of the Chamber is to educate consumers on the importance of keeping local dollars local. It helps create more businesses and helps expand existing ones. This results in more local jobs for the people of Pahrump and a stronger community for all of us. Through the use of digital formats and social media, the Chamber can help local businesses organize content and provide local information to consumers. The Chamber focuses on helping the community by bringing the local businesses together with the local residents. The online way to make that happen is through the use of

If you want more information on the direction of the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce or have questions on how to take advantage of, please call the Chamber at (775) 727-5800.


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