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Pahrump Wellness Center Comes to Town

Pahrump Wellness Center Comes to Town

Kombucha in the Making

Justin Curnutt’s roots are here in Pahrump.  That’s why he originally named his store, “Back to Roots.” Although he was born and raised in Las Vegas, his great-grandfather, Roy Curnutt, owned a nursery in the 1980’s off Basin Ave. in town. Pleasant memories of times visiting his family in Pahrump drew Justin back to where his relatives lived for many years.

Shortly after he opened his store, he was notified that the name was infringing on a trademarked name in New Hampshire, so rather than going through legal battles, he changed the store name to “Pahrump Wellness Center.” He’s currently in the process of making the change over to the new name.

Justin has a doctorate in Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist for several years before becoming disillusioned with it. He grew tired of the games the industry plays. He says he didn’t get into the business to push pills, but rather to help people. He’s not opposed to medicine but feels it’s a short-term, temporary solution. He prefers to find out the cause of a condition and address it through healthier living and supplementation.

According to Justin, the purpose of the store “… is to help people truly heal in a better way than what we’ve all been fooled into knowing.” He feels the industry is not seriously trying to solve health issues. According to Justin, about two years ago, people were getting fed up with their insurance companies. They were frustrated with what kinds of illnesses were covered and which ones were not. Dissatisfied by not getting any concrete solutions through traditional care, they turned to a more holistic approach. He says, “The US has the best of a lot of things, but in the case of longevity, we’re about 43rd in the world.”

He claims that nowhere else in the world besides New Zealand do you see advertising for prescription drugs. Again, he restates that he is not against the medical industry, but feels there needs to be more discussion about alternative ways to approach healing. He feels doctors are good at diagnosing, but not so good at prescribing medication. That’s where his schooling comes in. His goal is to help people find natural health alternatives.

Justin is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe medicine. He offers advice on holistic solutions and teaches people about natural health. At his store, he holds daily classes on various subjects. Some samples of the topics include:

  • A sourdough workshop which explains the health benefits and how to make it with a starter kit. It used to be called friendship bread as people in the community would pass homemade bread along to family and friends.
  • The skills of producing Kombucha, a probiotic-rich enzyme drink that has anti-cancer qualities, improves joint health, and kicks your metabolism into gear.
  • The healing properties of sauerkraut such as improving digestion and immune functions, reducing inflammation and allergies as well as protecting cognitive health.
  • Dream Catcher making which helps build a sense of community while destressing.
  • Diabetes cooking courses
  • Essential oils – their purpose and how to use them.
  • Libido-boosting
  • Cholesterol – fact vs. myth
  • Flintknapping – what is it and how it’s done
  • The advantages of the Alpha-Stim process which has a high success rate for mental issues and pain.
  • The healing properties of marijuana – CBD (the healing ingredient) vs. THC (the ingredient that makes you high)

Justin offers one-on-one concierge health coaching and is planning to expand those sessions with online access through Skype. Once you’ve paid for a coaching session with him, you are in his heart and he’ll continue to work with you. He dives into each client’s needs by discussing individual goals as well as personal and family history. He strives to truly understand each person. He’ll talk through lifestyle changes and eating habits customized to the customer’s circumstances.     

Along with holistic products, located in the store are several machines or devices that are available for use to help certain conditions. Samples of these include:

  • Bemer Therapy - An eight-minute session (the first one is free) which opens up blood flow throughout the entire body. It helps with poor circulation issues.
  • The Bemer also has a White Tissue Setting - Encourages recovery and repair, and accompanies physical therapy on specific things such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc.
  • The Vibroacoustic Healing Bed - A vibration technique which stimulates healing. Session lengths vary but are normally around 30 minutes (first session free).
  • The Alpha-Stim therapy – How to deal with depression, stress/anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) endorses it to help with these conditions as well as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Future plans include floating tanks for sensory deprivation and infra-red saunas which detox the skin.

In addition to providing alternative health solutions through holistic offerings, Justin wants to team up with other local professionals. He has already added a chiropractor, Dr. Glenn, and a massage therapist, Betsy Lilly, into his location. He is seeking out others who wish to become a part of his offering to provide alternatives to traditional medical practices.

Justin and his wife, Ashley, are co-owners of the store. Ray McCormack is a partner and the Director of operations. The public relations manager is Janisse Agar, and the customer care specialist is Rachel Pack. The team works together to offer alternative health advice to their customers in Pahrump. They are also starting to receive referrals from the more traditional medical community. So, if you are interested in alternative ways to improve your overall health, visit Pahrump Wellness Center at 2341 E. Postal Road, Ste. B, Pahrump, Nevada (across from the main Post Office) and learn what answers they have to offer.

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