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Want to Offer Your Employees Healthcare?

Want to Offer Your Employees Healthcare?

Leavitt Willing to Answer Chamber Health Insurance Questions

Want to Offer Your Employees Healthcare?

Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce has been negotiating with the Reno/Sparks Chamber to join their Association Health Insurance Plan. Reno/Sparks Chamber filed for rates for Nye County, so now any chamber within Nye County can take advantage of the plan. This new opportunity was approved by the Department of Insurance (DOI) on Oct. 31, 2018, just in time for the current enrollment cycle.

Requirements to Join

There are a few requirements for a business to be eligible:

  • The company must have at least two non-spousal employees on the payroll (at least owner and one W2 employee).
  • There is no maximum number of employees.
  • The business must be a member of the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • There is a one-time affiliate fee of $200 for each business to be paid to the Reno/Sparks Chamber.
  • Companies must remain Pahrump Valley Chamber members to continue coverage for their employees.
  • Covered employees must be full time defined as 30 hours per week.
  • 75% of the employees of the business must participate.
  • The employer must pay a minimum of 50% of the employee cost.
  • Regardless of an employee’s age or gender, he or she will pay the same rate.

Benefits of the Plan

The major benefit of this new opportunity is it allows the small businesses to function as a large business and receive the same rates even though they have fewer employees. In other words, large group rates will be available to small companies.

Prominence Health Plan is the company supporting this plan. Prominence is owned by UHS (Universal Health Services), which is the same company that owns the Valley Health System and Desert View Hospital in Pahrump.

There will be six plans offered initially, two PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization), and four HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization). Within these, there will be two high deductible plans.

The PPO option is the same one used by teachers and has a national network that allows coverage out of state. It uses the Nevada Preferred Professional network.

The HMO option utilizes the Healthcare Partners network and does not require referrals and is considered “Open Access.”

Also available will be Tele-Doc or phone doctors who can answer questions without an office visit at no cost. Another offering will be the Go 365 Wellness Benefit which provides a rewards program.

The HMO plans will allow access to the Centers of Excellence Program. With this option, a patient can be sent to other states that cover conditions not treated here. Authorization is required, but the idea is to get you to the location that offers what you need for your health treatment.

How to Find Out More About These Plans

If you’re interested in offering your employees health insurance through this plan, you need to talk to your insurance broker. They can order quotes through Prominence. In order to enroll your group, the broker will need to join the Chamber of Commerce.

Brent Leavitt, Financial Advisor and Health Insurance Broker here in Pahrump, has been instrumental in making this opportunity happen. He would also be happy to answer any questions you may have and steer you in the right direction. He or his staff can be reached on 775-410-6301. His email address is

Coming soon is a website that will be available for information as well.

This is a wonderful option for small businesses who would like to offer their employees a health plan but felt it was too far out of their range. Take a look. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out what you can afford.


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