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Pahrump Awards

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Vote for Your Favorite Businesses

Have you ever wished you could give out a shout for your favorite burger or pizza in town? Did you ever experience excellent customer service at a local business and want to give some special thanks? Now’s your chance!

The Pahrump Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a new online program, and they’re looking for your participation to help make it a success. It’s called You now have the opportunity to vote for your favorite businesses in 20 specific categories. The one with the most votes in each will win the award recognizing their outstanding service or product.

The process goes like this:

The first step is for you to go online to and nominate your business choice for each of the designated categories. Once nominations are closed, near November 1, the top five businesses receiving the most nominations in each classification will move on to the final vote. There will be no write-in categories. If you have a group you’d like to submit, contact the Chamber directly on 775-727-5800 so they can consider it for next year.

The voting will close about December 1, and the votes will be tallied. The winner of each group will be announced at the December 12, 2017, Pahrump Awards & Chamber Christmas Party. The actual award will be presented at the place of business in a celebratory fashion on a designated day. They will receive a plaque with the appropriate designation to be displayed proudly on their wall. They will also get recognition around town.

This will be an annual event. The domain or online address will stay the same, but the categories will change each year.

Why is the Chamber sponsoring this program?

The Chamber is reaching out to bring businesses and the community together to help each other. It’s important for local businesses to know where they stand in the eyes of the consumers here in town. It’s also important for the public to know what’s available to them in Pahrump. The Chamber intends to raise awareness of businesses and invite interactions with the community to stimulate the community’s involvement. They aim to bring more visibility to the businesses and strengthen the trust between the Chamber, Chamber members, and non-members with the members of the community.

Chris Erwin, CEO of the Chamber refers to it as “building goodwill with the community.” He goes on to say, “this is an opportunity for the Chamber to interact with the people of our town in something other than a structured event such as the Balloon Festival, Biz/Home Expo, or the Fall Festival. We’re using the capabilities of technology to bring people together.  We want there to be a strong feeling of inclusiveness on everyone’s part.”

The Pahrump Awards and Chamber Christmas Party will be a red-carpet event. The paparazzi (provided by Key Club members) will be there and everyone, not just Chamber members will be invited. Tickets to this special celebration dinner will be available to the entire community. It’s a chance for the Chamber to show how it can serve the public beyond just the businesses.

So, put in a good word and vote for your favorite businesses in town. They’ll appreciate it, and you can participate in building the success of their enterprise. Go to and nominate your favorite company in the appropriate category. Then, once the five best in each group are identified, vote for the one of your choice. Help bring Pahrump together as an involved community.

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