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37 Ways You Can Volunteer in Pahrump

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. - Elizabeth Andrew

Are you interested in doing some volunteer work? I’m happy to say that Pahrump has an abundance of opportunities for you if you’re interested. But before I get into the where to volunteer, let’s look at the why.

Why it’s important to volunteer

Many organizations depend on volunteers to survive, especially non-profits. Those who are willing to give their time and talents to help others for free, allow these organizations to meet their goals and accomplish their mission with additional help that doesn’t break the bank.

People who don’t have the strength or the means to help themselves depend on volunteers as well. The community can be brought together for a common cause when they work together to help others, improve the aesthetics of the area, or help the environment.

People can give back to others who helped them when they were in need. It’s a way of making a difference in people’s lives. Volunteers can use their experience and knowledge from their own lives to help others.

But the community and the recipients of help aren’t the only beneficiaries of volunteerism. The volunteers themselves also reap benefits for their kindness.

What do volunteers get in return

Today’s youth can benefit from volunteering as they experience the importance of being involved with the community. They have the opportunity to learn new skills or strengthen the ones they already have. In some cases, helping organizations can lead to employment opportunities down the road.

People who volunteer feel like they’re an important part of a team and that helps build confidence and self-esteem. It’s a wonderful way to meet people, make friends, and socialize.

Studies show that volunteering has health benefits as well. In The Corporation for National and Community Service’s report, “The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research” showed a strong relationship between volunteering and improved health. Some of the findings included: Lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, and a sense of purpose later in life.

Other findings have shown that people who volunteer experience an improvement in their mental health, stay fitter, can cope with their own illnesses, establish healthier habits, have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, become problem solvers, and develop a sense of pride.

There are many organizations, groups, and individuals that can use your help in the Pahrump Community. The list below is not an all-inclusive, but it will certainly get you started.

Places to volunteer in Pahrump

In talking with the NyE Communities Coalition located in Pahrump, and others who make a habit of volunteering in town, the following suggestions were given on where to look for volunteer opportunities:

  1. The school district – Donna Bellina 775-727-1875
  2. School Exportation Office – 775-727- 2443
  3. 4H Club – Stormi Ingersoll – 775-727-5532 ext. 1 or
  4. Youth Groups such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Sports affiliated groups
  5. Pioneer Territory CASA (Court Appointed Child Advocate) – 775-513-9514
  6. Special Olympics – 775-537-2175
  7. Town of Pahrump -
  8. Tourism Department in Pahrump -
  9. NyE Communities Coalitions – April Jackson 775-727-9970 ext. 211
  10. No to Abuse, Nevada Outreach Training Organization – Salli Kerr 775-757-1118
  11. Nye County Buildings and Grounds – 775-751-4289
  12. Senior Center – 775-727-5008
  13. Chamber of Commerce – 775-727-5800
  14. Town events such as the Balloon Festival, Fall Festival, Fourth of July celebration, Biz Expo (contact the Chamber of Commerce 775-727-5800)
  15. The many churches of Pahrump
  16. Wild West Extravaganza - 775-751-3734
  17. The Shadow Mountain Community Players- Carlton McCaslin - 775 727-6145
  18. Art Council – Loretta Lindell 775-751-6776
  19. Friends of the Library – 775-513-3013
  20. Goodwill – 702-214-2080
  21. Salvation Army – 775-751-6171
  22. Desert Haven Animal Society – 775-751-7020
  23. Humane Society – 775-751-6315
  24. Pahrump Valley Lions Club – 775-727-9016
  25. Kiwanis Club of Pahrump Valley - 727-7191
  26. Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley – 775-910-9289
  27. Pahrump Moose Lodge #808 – 775-727-6465
  28. Pahrump Elks Club – 775-751-2796 (Lodge)
  29. Disabled American Veterans – 775-537-5051
  30. Marine Corps League – 775-751-2700
  31. Veterans of Foreign Wars – 775-727-6072
  32. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – 775-727-7535
  33. American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary – 775-253-0092
  34. Ms. Senior Nye County 775-727-0309
  35. Ms. Senior Golden Years USA – 775-727-7011
  36. Pahrump Museum and Historical Society – 775-751-1970
  37. Retired & Senior Volunteers Program Pahrump – Jan Lindsay 775-751-5282


As I mentioned before, this is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but it will certainly give you an idea of just how many volunteer opportunities there are in the town of Pahrump. Once you start talking to people who are already involved in volunteering, you’ll hear of other organizations needing help as well.

If you are looking for a way to become more involved in the Pahrump community, to meet people and make new friends as well as help others, then investigate volunteering. It’s a rewarding and fun way of lending a helping hand and improving your health.


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