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Need Help with Business Development or Expansion?

Need Help with Business Development or Expansion?

NCREDA Helps Economic Development

Need Help with Business Development or Expansion?

Did you know there are two organizations right here in Pahrump whose sole purpose is to help businesses and promote economic development in Pahrump and Nye County? They are Nevada Small Business Development Center (NSBDC) and Nye County Regional Economic Development Authority (NCREDA). Both are in the same office complex as the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce on the second floor of the Nevada State Bank Building:

1301 S. Hwy 160

Floor #2

Pahrump, NV 89048

Their overall goals are similar, but the scope of their audiences differs. NSBDC is responsible for helping expand the economic growth of Nye County and the rural areas around Las Vegas. NCREDA helps businesses wanting to come into Nye County from anywhere in the world to set up a business. They work together and make sure the business owners and entrepreneurs wishing to start businesses that come to Pahrump have access to all the resources they need to get established. The overall purpose of both entities is to promote the economic development in Nye County and the community.

They also help enterprise owners who wish to sell their companies. They help find buyers because Nye County wants the businesses to stay in the area and continue to serve the residents.

Nevada Small Business Development Center (NSBDC)

The local representative for NSBDC is Business Development Advisor, Allan Parker.Some of the services his organization offers include:

  • Business assistance such as demographic data and analysis, environmental management and energy assistance, government contracting, and proposal aid when approaching Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR).
  • Free/low-cost training including workshops, seminars, and classes. These are offered in conjunction with public and private resources and sectors.
  • Business counseling on how to start a new business covering legal structures, licensing and permitting, market research, site selection, business plan creation, obtaining capital, and franchising agreements.
  • Counseling on growing your business which includes topics such as managing cash flow, strategic planning, network development, rebranding and reinventing a business, creating personnel policies, marketing plans, and establishing an exit strategy.
  • Guidance on managing your business by sharing information on hiring employees, tackling legal and tax issues, defining customer service, as well as giving advice on financial and risk management, marketing, advertising, and sales.

NSBDC is supported by the University of Nevada Reno. There are 12 centers around the state including the one in Pahrump. Information shared with clients is free, and anything you share with the representatives is held in the strictest confidence so that you can openly discuss your ideas for a new business. It is a non-profit organization and within the Nevada system of higher education. They work from grants and allocations from the state.

Nye County Regional Economic Development Authority (NCREDA)

NCREDA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. It also functions under grants and allocations from the state. All the services provided are free to the recipients.

Executive Director, Paul Miller, is the Pahrump representative for NCREDA. They provide similar assistance to new and existing businesses including:

  • Business plan and market strategy development, counseling, technical support, help with the licensing processes, and workshops and training programs.
  • Financial support including a Micro-Loan program which can provide up to $5,000 to start or expand a business.

NCREDA’s mission is to work with the community and outside entities looking to come to Nye County. Their desire is to increase the number of businesses and jobs in Nye County.

Both groups spend a lot of time dealing with other county and state staff members and commissioners. They interface with many federal and state agencies to accomplish their objectives of giving current information and guidance to local businesses to promote a positive economic climate in our town. It’s important for them to know the jobs and businesses thoroughly and develop a close relationship with their clients so they can offer them the best advice.

When arriving at a new location, many businesses will connect with the Chamber of Commerce first to seek information. Depending on the individual needs, the Chamber may direct businesses to either Al or Paul for assistance in getting established. Having the Chamber, NSBDC, and NCREDA co-located is not by accident. They work with each other daily to provide companies what they need to join our community.

A lot of people don’t know that these two organizations exist, which is a shame because they are a wealth of knowledge and can make establishing or growing a business much easier. When asked what advice Al would give to businesses coming to a new town, he said “they should do their homework. Research if you’re planning to start a new business. Make an appointment and confidentially discuss business ideas and what they want to do.”

He advises that the Chamber of Commerce is a good first point of contact. The Chamber can assess their needs and send them to the appropriate representative. It’s like having a one-stop economic development shop. You have the Chamber, NCREDA, NSBDC, and a bank, all in one location. One additional national resource available is SCORE – Service Core of Retired Executives which is a partner of the Small Business Association. However, the nearest SCORE chapter is in Las Vegas.

So, whether you are starting a brand-new business or expanding an existing one, Allan Parker and Paul Miller are two important people to get to know. They will learn what you need and help you get established. They will also bring in other agency resources to help you as they are required.

Allan (NSBDC) can be reached at or on (775) 751-1947 and Paul (NCREDA) at or on (775) 727-0716.

Want to establish or grow your business? Give them a shout; you’ll be glad you did.

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